$30,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Excitement As Kylee Arbuckle & Fanciful Win In Epic Head-To-Head Finale

Carson City, Nev. – June 24, 2019 – The 10th Annual Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby ended on Sunday with an epic finish, as two riders were tied at the end of the handy round with a score of 360. The decision was made for both riders to complete an additional handy round to break the tie, and ultimately decide the winner. This unexpected turn of events led to a head to head third round ride off between Kyle Arbuckle riding Emma Townsend’s Fanciful and Jenny Karazissis on Lisa Wu’s Ravenswood.

Kylee Arbuckle and Fanciful Photo: © Alden Corrigan Media
Kylee Arbuckle and Fanciful
Photo: © Alden Corrigan Media

Karazissis was first to enter the field on Ravenswood, and was awarded a third round score of 182, resulting in an overall score of 542. The gauntlet had been tossed. Arbuckle rose to the challenge piloting Fanciful to a total third round score of 196 including her first perfect 100 from judge 1, to ultimately take the win with overall score of 542.

Jenny Karazissis and Ravenswood Photo: © Alden Corrigan Media
Jenny Karazissis and Ravenswood
Photo: © Alden Corrigan Media

Arbuckle and her team were initially frozen in time as they viewed the scoreboard which displayed 00.00 from judge 1, until Rank 1 appeared on the scoreboard below her overall total, resulting in celebratory whoops, fist pumps, high fives, and hugs as well as immediate congratulations from Team Karazissis.

This was a very special day for this horse and rider combination as it was their first Derby together, and Kylee’s first International Derby win. “Fanciful was amazing, and it was really fun to compete at Franktown Meadows. This really is my favorite horse show of the year, and to be successful here is just the icing on the cake. I am so happy to have won such a prestigious class. I wish that Emma [Fanciful’s owner] could have been here with us to celebrate. He really rose to the occasion for me, as I was excited and a little nervous entering the field after Jenny, but I had confidence that he would put in a great effort for me.” Arbuckle explained.

Kylee Arbuckle and Fanciful, owned by Emma Townsend Photo: © Alden Corrigan Media
Kylee Arbuckle and Fanciful, owned by Emma Townsend
Photo: © Alden Corrigan Media

Trainer Ned Glynn of Sonoma Valley Stables was ecstatic over the duo’s success. “It was a lot more fun once it was all over, then when it is actually happening. It was super exciting for our young rider to go up against arguably one of the best Derby riders of all time. Jenny had a really good trip, which was incredibly nerve racking as Kylee was waiting in the wings. To watch Kylee go in there and ride the way she did was incredibly exciting and incredibly rewarding. I have never been involved with a ride off for the biggest class of the show, but there is a first time for everything, so you might as well make it big when it happens.”


$30,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby
Place / Horse / Rider / Total Score
1. Fanciful / Kylee Arbuckle / 556
2. Ravenswood / Jenny Karazissis / 542
3. KF Prettymuch / Ilana Halpern / 335
4. DaVinci / Kylee Arbuckle / 326
5. Cortese / Nick Haness / 308
6. Diadoro / Wendy Brownlee / 307
7. Verdict / Nick Haness / 297
8. Shameless / Alexandria Baker / 282
9. Skywalker / Jenny Karazissis / 267
10. Ask Anyone / Kylee Arbuckle / 266
11. Frosted Blue / Lexi Wedemeyer / 266
12. Mr. Incredible / Ilana Halpern / 241

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