Better Business with Malvern: Back in Business! The Return to Competition

Alright sports fans, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for— USEF competitions are BACK in business beginning June 1, 2020. I am retired from the show ring (for now), but even I was giddy with excitement upon hearing the news. I know you have all been “chomping at the bit” (pun intended) to get back in the show ring, having been keeping you and your horses fit with diligent flatwork and gymnastics, as well as conditioning training for horse and rider preparing for your comeback. Whether you are a competitor, owner, dealer, or trainer, you are about to have a lot on your plate again, and it is just around the corner.

With competition ramping back up, you and/or your students (if you are a trainer) may be wanting to make up for lost time. Making a game plan for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021 has become a more realistic task, meaning crunch time lessons, and schooling sessions as final preparation are all likely consuming your days. It’s the good news we have all been hoping for—your business is back in full swing! But the time that you were previously able to set aside for family time, R&R, reevaluating your business plan and financial needs and goals, has evaporated like that.

Let us at Malvern Bank take some of that off of your plate. Malvern Bank specializes in tailored financial solutions for busy equestrians like you. Honestly, this is where we can shine and take some of the heat off you by focusing on freeing you up from day-to-day management concerns so you can focus on your broader goals. How can we help?

One-Stop Shop for Your Financial Needs.

Malvern Bank Private Client along with partner firm Bell Rock Capital, LLC can provide you, the valued equestrian client with the convenience of your financial solutions all under one roof. We offer our equestrian clients (as well as nonprofit and private school clients) specialized deposit products such as high-yield money market accounts, options for interest-bearing checking accounts, domestic and international wire services, and take the time to understand your financial needs and goals. We will examine your financial goals to best help you choose from a variety of deposit solutions to assist in managing your cash flows and maximizing your interest earnings.

As an equestrian client, you are also entitled to our array of credit solutions. Malvern’s lending team works closely with the Private Bankers to help you achieve your goals by understanding your business, your assets, and your immediate as well as long-term needs. We know and understand the horse business, so if you are looking for financing on that new truck and trailer you’ve been needing, doing renovations on your farm, or buying/refinancing an equestrian property, we’ve got you covered.

Our Wealth Management team can help you take your business to the next level. Malvern and Bell Rock’s investment team can help you protect and grow your assets through a variety of services such as customized investment accounts, IRA accounts, 401(k) plans, trust accounts, and options/stock vesting. Make sure to check out our Wealth Management Starter Kit for Equestrians as well!

Personal Service Around the Clock
We know equestrians don’t take time off. It’s the nature of the business, and it’s been engrained in you since you became serious about the sport. The good news? Not only are our goals in line with yours, but so are our schedules. We value your business, your time, and respect the hectic schedule you manage—especially in a time like the present when your sole focus is getting your business and careers firing back up on all cylinders. If you don’t have time to physically go to a big bank and wait in line, or stay on the phone on hold hoping to talk to a representative in the 5 minutes you have to spare at a time during the day, we could come to the rescue! Whether it is bringing loan documents to the showgrounds for a signature or meeting you at your farm to pick up deposits, we are happy to do it—and have. Need a last-minute wire to Europe to purchase a horse? Stuck on your PPP application late at night? Or need help going through your statements over the weekend? We can assist you with that, and we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer our equestrian clients.

We at Malvern Bank wish you a happy, safe, and healthy return to the show ring! We look forward to helping you achieve your goals outside of the arena. Let’s start the conversation on how we can go Beyond Your Expectations so you can go beyond yours. You can also support both your local and equestrian community through the Malvern Bank Affinity Program. Members and supporters who wish to “link” their existing or new bank account to the non-profit organization’s account can help them earn interest for the non-profit! Click here to learn more.

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