Brian Moggre and MTM Flutterby Close Out Equifest II with $20,000 Speed Derby Victory

Wayne, Ill. – Aug. 5, 2018 – There was no shortage of action on the final day of Equifest II at the Lamplight Equestrian Center on Sunday. Following the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby and the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, sponsored by Bull Run Equestrian Center, the $20,000 1.30m/1.35m Speed Derby kicked-off in the Grand Prix Arena.

Brian Moggre and MTM Flutterby
Brian Moggre and MTM Flutterby

Riders taking on the challenge of the speed derby needed both speed and care to navigate the course, but in the end it was only Brian Moggre riding Major Wager LLC’s MTM Flutterby who was able to claim the win with swiftness and a fault-free round. Moggre has been on fire all week, consistently racking up wins in both the hunter and jumper rings.

Brian Moggre and MTM Flutterby
Brian Moggre and MTM Flutterby

Ryan Genn was the first to enter the ring and set the time to beat of 98.306 seconds on Calamera. The mare, owned by his father Wilhelm Genn, helped him go clear to avoid faults being added to his time. The pair maintained their lead in the class until Holly Shepherd and Loretta Patterson’s Manchester surpassed them with a slightly quicker time of 97.952 seconds. Shepherd and Manchester crossed the finish in 93.952 seconds, but had a rail down that cost them four seconds added to their overall time. Caelinn Leahy and Splendor, owned by Steve Schaeffer, were the quickest of the original top three to finish in 90.994 seconds, but knocked a rail, giving them a final time of 94.994 seconds.

Moggre and MTM Flutterby subsequently entered the ring, knowing that they would need to put in a clear, lightning fast round in order to take home the victory, and they did just that, leaving all the rails up and crossing the timers in just 91.605 seconds.

Caelinn Leahy and Splendor
Caelinn Leahy and Splendor

The 16-year-old junior rider and MTM Flutterby won the same class two years ago at Equifest, and have since built up quite the show record together. On Saturday, they were victorious in the SJHOF Junior/Amateur-Owner 1.40m Jumper Classic, and last week at Equifest I, they took home the first place prize in the competitive $25,000 Prix de Lamplight.

Leahy and Splendor were awarded second place in the $20,000 1.30m/1.35m Speed Derby, and Shepherd and Manchester were awarded third place.

Brian Moggre and MTM Flutterby
Brian Moggre and MTM Flutterby

Equifest III will kick-off in the Grand Prix Arena at the Lamplight Equestrian Center on Wednesday, Aug. 8, with exciting events like the $5,000 Open Welcome and the $25,000 Grand Prix.


Brian Moggre – $20,000 1.30m/1.35m Speed Derby winner

On his round with MTM Flutterby:
“Today I wasn’t really sure what the course was going to look like. I did this class two years ago and won it on the same horse, but I wasn’t sure what to expect this time. I knew she was on her game. She won the High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic yesterday, and my plan for today was to just go in and give it what I got. She stepped right up to the plate. I just knew we would have to do what everyone else does, but faster. I went in with that mindset and she was amazing. She’s so game, always ready to rip.”

On his future plans:
“After this we will have some time off. A very good end to our time being here at Lamplight! Next we will go to Kentucky for the [Green Hunter] Incentive [Championship] and Derby Finals.”


$20,000 1.30m/1.35m Speed Derby

Place / Rider / Horse / R1 Faults / R1 Time / Total
1. Brian Moggre / MTM Flutterby / 0 / 91.605 / 91.605
2. Caelinn Leahy  / Splendor / 4 / 90.994  / 94.994
3. Holly Shepherd / Manchester  / 4 / 93.952 / 97.952
4. Ryan Genn / Calamera / 0 / 98.306 /  98.306
5. Ryan Sassmannshausen / Babbar / 0 / 98.652 / 98.652
6. Stefanie Collier / Emma-Lee / 0 / 100.229 / 100.229
7. Keira Foster / Ash Ville Rock / 4 / 101.626 / 105.626
8. Ryan Genn / Snow White / 12 / 98.773 / 110.773
9  Heather Zuber / Firebird /  8 / 106.977 / 114.977
10. Steve Schaeffer /  Elano / 16 / 102.324 / 118.324


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