Bridging the Gap: Martin Fuchs & Paris Sellon Launch Twin Flame Horses Offering Promising European Prospects in America

Zurich, Switzerland – June 23, 2020 – It was a Sunday afternoon in Switzerland when international showjumpers Martin Fuchs and Paris Sellon mused over the idea of starting a business together. Fuchs and Sellon decided to extend their already strong long-term personal relationship by going into business with one another. With a passion for developing and selling high-performance horses as well as bridging the gap between the European and American equestrian markets, Twin Flame Horses was born.

“Paris and I were talking a bit about California, first maybe giving some clinics there and then thinking we could do business there,” Fuchs explained. “Right away, we started thinking about starting our own company, thinking about where we would buy the horses we like and then send them over to America to find a new owner for them.”

Fuchs is currently ranked World No. 2 on the Longines FEI world ranking list and is no stranger to picking out and developing talented, winning horses. As a Southern California native and successful international show jumping athlete, Sellon has a keen sense of the demand on the American equestrian market. Complementing each other well, Fuchs and Sellon both offer a unique perspective that brings balance to the business.

Sellon commented, “We know what kind of horses will work for the American style of riding. Since Martin and I travel all over Europe and see a lot of horses, we can be selective about what we offer to our clients in the United States. To us, Twin Flame means perfect partner, and we want to find a horse that is a perfect match for someone and really represents them well.”

Martin Fuchs and Paris Sellon searching for Twin Flame horses in Europe

Fuchs and Sellon are already on the hunt for their first batch of top quality horses sourced all over Europe. Once they have their hand-picked collection of horses solidified, the pair will bring them home to Team Fuchs where they plan to take each horse through a trial period, ensuring that each is well suited for the American market before they begin their journey in the United States. Now more than ever, accessibility is key when it comes to buying and selling high-performance horses.

Fuchs and Sellon’s link between Europe and California was an easy choice – Sellon’s childhood best friend and professional show jumping athlete Mavis Spencer. Spencer said, “When Paris reached out and started telling me about the business, I thought it was a great idea. To have the three of us on both sides of the ocean in order to bridge the gap is something, I think, people will really benefit from.”

Looking ahead, the two powerhouses behind Twin Flame don’t plan to limit themselves to the West Coast. As frequent competitors at some of the top equestrian events on the East Coast, Fuchs and Sellon will be keeping the door open to bring European prospects to both coasts. Down the road, Fuchs looks forward to hosting show jumping clinics in California, as well as offering the opportunity for an ambitious rider to train with Team Fuchs in Switzerland.

Martin Fuchs and Paris Sellon

Ready to take the equestrian industry to the next level, Fuchs concluded, “To me, Paris and I are a really good mix. I bring my professional experience in the European equestrian market when we are searching for horses, and Paris knows the exact type of horse we are looking for. Paris really understands the American market from a client perspective because she grew up there, and we both have experience competing on the East Coast. At Twin Flame Horses we want to make our clients happy offering them hand-picked horses to find them their perfect horse.”

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