Day of Firsts for Top Jumper Competitors at Nilforushan Equisport Events National Fall Week I

Temecula, Calif. – October 16, 2021 – It was a double feature in the Grand Prix Arena at Nilforushan Equisport Events’ Temecula Valley National Fall Week I as athletes risked it all  in both the $10,000 NEEd for Speed Derby, sponsored by ShowMD, and the $50,000 National Grand Prix, sponsored by 100X Equine. Eric Navet and Coronado Blue NF blazed to a lightning-fast victory in the NEEd for Speed Derby, while Jamie Taylor and Quatar took their lap of honor taking home the first of two major prizes in the Grand Prix.

Eric Navet and Coronado Blue NF

Speed demons were up first in the arena, taking to Olaf Petersen Jr’s first track of the series. The German course designer challenged the competitors’ scope and stamina over the 15-effort 1.35m course featuring two combination lines and a triple bar fence. The expansive course took up every inch of the arena prompting riders to challenge themselves and each other to find the inside turns and most efficient route to the finish line. Twenty-two competitors gave it their all in the faults-converted class, in which rails knocked down are added to the final time as a penalty.

Eric Navet and Coronado Blue NF

The first to try their hand at the winding course, Navet and his reliable speed partner, Coronado Blue NF, entered the ring with a plan in place. The duo, who have extensive experience on the international circuit in speed classes, opted to prioritize a strong rhythm and fast pace through tight turns. Navet was the only rider to take none of the inside turns but shaved time on the clock by leaving out strides, trusting in the nine-year-old Holsteiner Warmblood gelding’s scope. The French rider and Signe Ostby’s mount cleared the course leaving all of the rails intact, setting the pace for the rest of the field at a blazing fast 76.262 seconds.

Michelle Parker and Lutalo

Eager to overtake Navet, Michelle Parker and Lutalo, an eight-year-old Holsteiner stallion owned by Dana B Nemeth, chose the opposite strategy of Navet, slicing the fences and taking the sharp inside and rollback turns in an effort to shave off precious time. Though the duo went clear and were quick on their feet, they still were not able to come close to Navet’s unbeatable time clocking in at 81.154 seconds to claim second place. 

Lauren Whitlock and Lente

With spectators at the edge of their seats, Lauren Whitlock and Lente, a 10-year-old Belgian Warmblood mare owned by Whitlock Equestrian, LLC, took to the course with ease and crossed the timers in 85.056 seconds. The pair finished just shy of Parker’s time,leaving them to round out the top three. 

Riding the adrenaline rush from the speed class just prior, exhibitors and athletes alike cheered on the 30 horse-and-rider combinations who took to Guilherme Jorge’s (BRA) 15-obstacle first round track in the $50,000 National Grand Prix. Following a brief redesign from the previous class, the athletes and their respective mounts were tasked with navigating a clear effort over the deceivingly tricky track, which featured two combinations, a triple bar fence, and several rollback turns all set at the 1.45m height. Fence 4b to 4c of the triple combination was a long one-stride requiring a forward ride, forcing riders to regain pace and power following a tight rollback off of a sizable oxer, proving difficult for a majority of the pack to leave just seven pairs moving onto the eight-obstacle jump-off. 

Cassio Rivetti and Kayack

The new track featured the triple bar as the first fence, including a tight rollback turn with an oxer and vertical fence set adjacent to each other, and concluding with an 80-meter gallop spanning the long side of the arena. Cassio Rivetti was the pathfinder of the shortened course, opting to take an aggressive approach in an attempt to block out the first place podium right off the bat with HF Farms LLC’s 11-year-old gelding Kayack. Their strategy set the bar high as they clocked in clear at 39.17 seconds. 

Jamie Taylor and Quatar

Following a series of single-rail rounds, Taylor and Quatar, an 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding owned by JT Equine LLC, took to the ring with determination. Having been bested by Rivetti aboard Quatar in numerous classes at Nilforushan Equisport Events’ series including the $40,000 Hygain National Grand Prix at Temecula Valley National I and the $25,000 Alliant Private Client National Grand Prix in 2020, the hometown professional took to the ring set on speed and speed alone. Having developed Quatar over the past two and a half years, Taylor knew he was capable of the footspeed required to oust Rivetti from the lead. Her guts and determination paid off as she tripped the timers with a time of 37.288 seconds, finally earning her victory gallop in her first-ever grand prix win with Quatar at her home show. 

Mariano Alario and Cassamoon

Showcasing a nail-biting jump-off round and a strong fight to the finish, Mariano Alario and Cassamoon left out strides and cut corners to try and overtake the lead. In the end, the pair’s final attempt to overturn the victory was unsuccessful, stopping the timers at 38.851 seconds to take home the third-place finish. Rivetti and Kayack ultimately finished out the class in the second place position.

Jamie Taylor and Quatar

Competition at the Temecula Valley National Fall Series Week I closes out Sunday, October 17, in the Grand Prix Arena with the $5,000 JR/AO/AM 1.45m High Jumper Classic sponsored by Ogilvy, $5,000 JR/AO/AM 1.35m Medium Jumper Classic sponsored by CC Fits, $2,500 JR/AO/AM 1.25m Low Jumper Classic sponsored by Tack of the Town, as well as the $5,000 1.20m Jumper Classic sponsored by Jett Martin Equine Spa.

Jamie Taylor and Quatar


Eric Navet – $10,000 NEEd for Speed Derby winner

On strategy:
“Coronado Blue NF is a specialist in the speed classes. He wins a lot of classes everywhere I go. I showed him in Michigan recently and we won many classes at that level, the 1.35m. Today I was the first to go so obviously I had to stick to my plan because I had nobody else to watch to make me change my mind. I started in a big rhythm and I kept the same rhythm the whole course all the way to the end. I trust the horse 100% and he trusts me 100% as well so we can take a higher risk. I focused mostly on speed today because there was one option that I didn’t take. I preferred to keep my pace and turn around after the liverpool to go to the vertical and the line down to the double. I decided to leave a spot out and just turn around the wall rather than slowing down, turn inside and then I would have to take more time to get back to the initial speed. I think I made a good decision.”

On Coronado Blue NF:
“Coronado Blue NF moved to America last year. He was bought by Signe Ostby who still owns him and she owns multiple horses that I show. Before he [Coronado Blue NF] came to the states he was in Poland but he was originally born in Germany. He’s very useful for me to stay in the game and to stay competitive and to be able to go very fast because when we go to the big international shows, we need to be very competitive and super fast. Those level of classes make both him and me keep practicing and we’re ready when we go to the high level shows.”

On future plans:
“I will be here again next week and after that I will be going to Tryon for the World Cup Qualifier. I will not be showing myself but I will be helping Karl Cook. And then I will be back for the Sunshine Series at Thermal.”

On Nilforushan:
“It’s a great show. I’ve been here several times but this is the very first time I’ve shown myself. I’ve come here to attend and to watch because I’m very good friends with Alli and Francie. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have been able to come and show myself and win.”

Jamie Taylor – $50,000 National Grand Prix winner

On Quatar:
“This is my first grand prix victory here. Quatar has won a number of the Thursday speed classics but we have been second or third and have not been quite able to nail down a win in the grand prix so this is really exciting. I have had Quatar for two and a half years now. We know each other like the back of our hands. It is almost like we read each other’s minds and we know exactly what is happening at this point.”

Jamie Taylor and Quatar

On their training this summer:
“This summer we traveled and went to some new horse shows and competed against some new people and it really made us step up our competitive game, and to chase down some new faces. We got more comfortable going fast and that is good because I am pretty sure I have never gone as fast as I did in this class before.”

Jamie Taylor and Quatar

On her first round:
“I tried to knock down the triple combination. I got very lucky that Quatar was so good for me there. It was a hard line. You came up a hill and there was a tight turn to it and it just sort of came up really quickly and you had to be there and be on it and I was again very lucky that my horse is very good in that scenario so I got away maybe not being as good as I should have been.”

On her jump-off strategy:
“My plan in the jump-off was to go very fast. I have lost to Cassio [Rivetti] a few times here and I know he is a very fast rider and he is on a really good horse. So I just figured I would rather lose trying to win rather than win not trying.”

Jamie Taylor and Quatar

On her plans with Quatar:
“With Quatar I am hoping we will be able to get a piece of that rider bonus. It is really exciting and I am hoping we can keep it together for next week.”

On winning at Nilforushan Equisport Events:
“It is great the whole family is here. It is like a family experience and it makes a sweet win that much sweeter.”


$10,000 NEEd for Speed Derby

​​Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / Faults | Time 
1. Coronado Blue NF / Eric Navet / Signe Ostby / 0 | 76.26
2. Lutalo / Michelle Parker / Dana B Nemeth / 0 | 81.154
3. Lente / Lauren Whitlock / Whitlock Equestrian, LLC / 0 | 85.05
4. Edesa’s Captain-Fly / Cassio Rivetti / Edesa Horse Promotion Inc. / 0 | 85.23
5. A Picasso De Vie / Sophie Simpson-Leckie / Will Simpson Stables Inc. / 0 | 87.80
6. Mr. Miracle Mac / Katie Kehring / Kehring Family / 4 | 85.19
7. Gatsby / John Pearce / Mary Poelman / 0 | 91.05
8. Daisy Lyn / Lexi Burdon / Lexi Burdon / 8 | 90.35
9. Colin / Carly Richardson / Carly Richardson / 0 | 93.15
10. Foster / Patrick Pellin / Patrick Pellin / 4 | 89.91
11. Fake News / Carly Richardson / Carly Richardson / 8 | 90.35
12. Blueprint NBS / Krystalle Glosser / Adria Mashburn / 8 | 90.68

$50,000 National Grand Prix

​​Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / R1 Faults | R1 Time / R2 Faults | Round 2 Time
1. Quatar / Jamie Taylor / JT Equine LLC / 0 | 72.848 / 0 | 39.17
2. Kayack / Cassio Rivetti / HF Farms LLC. / 0 | 72.84 / 0 | 39.17
3. Cassamoon / Mariano Alario / Everhart LLC. / 0 | 71.97 / 4 | 38.85
4. LCC Yankie / Molly Talla / Molly Talla / 4 | 40.832
5. Ascot Du Temple / Patrick Seaton / Patrick Seaton / 0 | 75.124 / 4 | 41.77
6. FR Yandoo Pennsylvania / Matthew Williams / Finch Ridge Farm / 0 |69.368 / 4 | 43.57
7. I’m Special / Jamie Taylor / Cheryl Mitts / 0 | 76.69
8. Cocoliche of Greenhill Z / Jamie Taylor / Ali Nilforushan / 4 | 71.13
9. Classini / Bjorn Ikast / BBB Show Jumpers LLC / 4 | 71.162
10. Triskel De Kerliven / Mandy Porter / HHZ, LLC, / 4 | 72.14
11. Avatar 18 / Caitlyn Epperson / Caitlyn Epperson / 4 | 72.22
12. Skipio K / Patrick Seaton / Patrick Seaton / 4 | 73.18

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