George H. Morris Preaches Momentum and Discipline at Weekend Clinic

George Morris took to Wrenwood Farms in Naples recently to impart his knowledge on a select group of eager riders from the host farm and surrounding facilities. Since his retirement as chef d’equipe of the United States Show Jumping Team, Mr. Morris has put a strong emphasis on developing the sport’s future by conducting clinics around the world.

See below for a few select Words of Wisdom he had to impose throughout the day:

“If something is considered politically correct, be very suspicious that it is wrong.”


“Any good technique exaggerated becomes a defect”.


“ Horses are more content when they have discipline.”


“Sink into your saddle, stretch your upper body, employ the use of your leg, and then collect with the hand.”


“No matter what level they are, every rider must practice against their fear whether it is physical or mental.”

Auditors and students lined up at the day’s completion to purchase a copy of Mr. Morris’ recent autobiography, UNRELENTING: The Real Story: Horses, Bright Lights, and My Pursuit of Excellence, and have it signed by the legend himself.

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