Girls Win Battle of the Sexes for Eighth Year Running!

© PMG: Girls Team
The girls won the Battle of the Sexes to kick off the Winter Equestrian Festival.

© PMG: Boys Team
Don’t forget the guys

© PMG: The crowd
A full house looked on.

© PMG: Alex Granato
Alex Granato started for the boys team.

© PMG: Schuyler Riley
Schuyler Riley pretty in pink.

© PMG: Darragh Kenny
Darragh Kenny

© PMG: Heart decoration
A well-decorated girls team

© PMG: Julie Welles
Julie Welles

© PMG: Daniel Bluman
Daniel Bluman showing the ropes

© PMG: Fans
The girls’ biggest fans

© PMG: Andy Kocher and Abigail McArdle
Andy Kocher and Abigail McArdle race for the finish

© PMG: Mavis Spencer gallop
Mavis Spencer crosses the finish line

© PMG: Champagne
The girls celebrated with champagne showers (directed at the boys)

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