Global Health Sourcing Brings Reliable, Rapid-Result COVID-19 Tests to the Equestrian Community and Beyond

Wellington, Fla. – June 5, 2020 – While the world has been shaken by the Coronavirus pandemic this year, the equestrian industry has not escaped the effects of the ongoing predicament both physically and financially. However, with initiatives like the Show Jumping Relief Fund, the horse community has displayed a special kind of unity when working to support members like ring crew, grooms, show managers, staff and photographers, who rely on equestrian events to earn a living. As states in the U.S. now work to plan or implement phased reopenings that may allow for events like horse shows or clinics to resume under certain guidelines, many are concerned about how the health of exhibitors, judges and workers will be prioritized.

U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF) ‘R’ Hunter judge and trainer Bob Crandall is among those who are concerned about taking the proper precautions when the time comes to get back to work, and decided he wanted to have a hand in helping provide affordable testing solutions. Crandall and Ryan Bishop, LAC, a licensed acupuncture physician who has been working with Crandall for 20 years, teamed up to invest in Global Health Sourcing, the company that is now offering some of the highest quality test kits and protective gear on the global market.

“During this whole ordeal, with everyone out of work and at home, a group of my good friends told me about an opportunity with Global Health Sourcing and asked if I wanted to get involved as a sales associate,” Bishop explained. “I mentioned it to Bob and he was interested as well, so we did our due diligence — they are supplying some of the highest level test kits on the market and really making a difference.”

Global Health Sourcing, which Bishop explained is poised to be one of the leading medical supply companies globally, offers not only affordable and convenient COVID-19 test kits, but also antibody tests, face masks and other protective gear as well. To comply with FDA Guidelines, the tests must be administered by qualified healthcare providers, which can be requested at the time of purchase and dispatched within a few days time.

“I’ve been in the medical profession for over 20 years,” Bishop said. “I am a licensed acupuncture physician and I’ve done paramedic work—I know the ins and outs of emergency medicine. I see the necessity for these tests and getting people back to their normal lives as safely as possible. It’s challenging to read that there are not enough tests in the country to service the need, when GHS has sourced some of the best and they are readily available to support our communities. We are here to help, in the best way possible.”

“From my perspective, I’ve been very worried about starting judging again, let alone everyday business,” Crandall said. “I have some autoimmune concerns and compromises in my health that aren’t major, but are enough to make me cautious. When Ryan mentioned this to me, I thought this could be key to help exhibitors and everyone at horse shows feel much safer as they begin again. It’s a way for people to have affordable, accurate testing that they can have access to as often as they need it.”

Bishop further explained that the goal in providing quick, reliable tests is to help everyone get back to safe working opportunities and be proactive in prevention, not living in fear.

“It’s a way to give people peace of mind working in the industry,” he said. “What we need is people to know, ‘ok, I have the antibodies for it’ or ‘I don’t have the antibodies so I have to be extra careful.’ If there’s going to be a group of people getting together, you can test them all and be sure that anyone who tests positive with IGM gets separated from those who are negative to prevent further spread of the virus, and to decrease health risks. If a patient is positive with IGM it means they are in an acute stage of the virus. It shows that the immune system has started responding to the virus and you are capable of spreading the virus. IGG shows that you were infected in the past and these antibodies remain in the blood after the virus has passed.”

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits are already being used in hospitals throughout the world. Test kits are available now with a purchase order and a 50% or payment in full option based on the timeline for delivery. Small orders, ranging from 25 to 5,000 tests, are available to ship immediately, while larger orders can be available in just seven days. Similar to a flu shot, a licensed healthcare professional administers the test, which can be through a finger stick or a small vial of blood. The blood is then placed into the test cassette with a buffer solution, and within 15 minutes the patient has their results. The test reads a 98-100% accurate result without the need for the sample to be shipped off to a lab, which typically takes around 72 hours for results. Global Health Sourcing has been diligent in their efforts to find the most accurate, reliable test kits manufactured in the United States to provide communities with confidence knowing they are using a product that is developed in America, and that supports the health and well-being of the country.

“We would like people to understand how effective, fast and cost-conscious the tests are, and how much they can help get things back on track for many people,” Crandall said. “Testing has been a big challenge in this country, and I’m hoping we can at least get things started for our group of people in the equestrian industry and then take off from there.”

To learn more or place an order for test kits, please contact Ryan Bishop at

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