Luke Jensen and Cassini Bay Ride to Win Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search 2* at WEF VII

Wellington, FL – Feb. 25, 2022 – Equitation athletes took to the ring Friday at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) for the Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search 2*. After an exciting round of jumping and testing on the flat, Luke Jensen and Missy Clark and North Run’s Cassini Bay found themselves taking home the blue ribbon. Not too far behind was Amira Kettaneh aboard Vantastico in second place, and Annalise Manoog and Dark Night DC in third place.

Luke Jensen and Cassini Bay

All 33 entries made it through the technical course that included two combinations, as well as an open water jump option. Mounted on the 15-year-old Holsteiner gelding, Jensen kept an even pace throughout the track and piloted Cassini Bay through the 3’9” set course with precision. The duo exuded a sense of confidence throughout the challenging track that proved to be paramount in the success of junior riders.

Amira Kettaneh and Vantastico

With a score of 79 as the cut-off to make it into the flat phase of the class, the top 12 riders returned to the ring to impress the judges with their skills. Riders were asked to demonstrate the working walk, working trot, extended trop, working canter, counter canter and extended canter. At the conclusion of the flat phase, Jensen and Cassini Bay proved to be unbeatable with their score of 90 over fences and consistency on the flat.

Annalise Manoog and Dark Night DC

Under the guidance of Missy Clark and the team at North Run, the pair have a bright future ahead of them. Jensen looks forward to finishing out the rest of the winter season at the Winter Equestrian Festival, and hopes to continue growing with Cassini Bay to reach new heights.

Competition for equitation athletes at the Winter Equestrian Festival will continue in Ring 7 with the Ariat National Adult Medal and in the South Ring for the THIS National Children’s Medal Saturday, February 26.


Luke Jensen – Winner, Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search 2*

Luke Jensen and Cassini Bay

On Cassini Bay:
“Cassini Bay is awesome. I’ve been able to take care of him for a while now after he came over [to North Run] from Stephex. [When he got here] Missy and John agreed to let me ride him and it has been fun.”

On the course:
“I took Maggie’s [trainer at North Run] advice. She always has the best plan and it worked out well today. Cassini Bay had it under control.”

On plans for the future:
“We will see what the team has in store, but I’m hoping I can do more with [Cassini Bay]. For the rest of the season we just want to try and keep doing well and take care of the horses well.”


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