Mexico National Championship 2016

© : Arturo Parada, Mexico Grand Prix Champion 2016

Arturo Parada, Mexico Grand Prix Champion 2016

Two weeks of equestrian activity in Balvanera for the Mexican National Championship came to an end.   In the first week mainly the categories for horses were held, and in the second the rest of the categories from the Mini Children jumping 70 cms, to Grand Prix at the 1.60m. level.  Guilherme Jorge from Brazil was the main designer in the first week, while Santiago Varela from Spain in the second.

For the main horse’s classes, the Seven Year, Stakkero was the champion rode by Jose M. Luzardo, who got several trophies in the two weeks.  The Olympian Nicolás Pizarro rode Arrebascato and Carquilot, by Quickstar, for reserve and third.  Nicolás did not ride in the second week as he was training several riders: “I like to give them this week, which is the most important for them, to all my clients”.

Galerna Champus was the Champion for Six Years, rode by the also Olympian Gustavo Ramos (who participated in Athens 2004).

© : Pablo Torres and Pony Boy La Silla, 5 years old ChampionPablo Torres and Pony Boy La Silla, 5 years old Champion

For Five Years Pony Boy LS, a son of  Presley Boy by Libero, was ridden by Andrés Torres from San Luis Potosí to get the Championship. Pizarro rode a Conthargos son Conchalon for Reserve.

Andrés Díaz and Juan M. Luzardo also got the Championship in novice horses, a couple of classes that do not require to be of a certain age.

Also in the first week in the C Category, beginning at 1.30m and finishing in 1.40m the home rider, from Querétaro, Hector Ortiz rode Diodato to the Championship.

The second week with the great designs by Santiago Varela and Isabel Fernández from Spain, with a couple of courses designed by Guadalajara Benjamín Fernández, more than 1000 horses competed in several jumping categories.

The main class was the Grand Prix.  In a Champioship consisting of three days of competition and 5 rounds, from Guadalajara Arturo Parada rode Tarzan Divaraje to the Championship.  Olympic and World rider Federico Fernández was the reserve, who was really happy as his daughter, Federica, was third in children as well.

© : Francisco Pasquel, third in Grand Prix, Champion in Amateur HighFrancisco Pasquel, third in Grand Prix, Champion in Amateur High

Francisco Pasquel stood out from his organizing abilities to get the third place in the Grand Prix with Naranjo, but also got the Championship in the High Amateur riding Heart Winner.  From Guanajuato Salvador Oñate rode Sanletto to the Reserve, and Pablo Torres from San Luis Potosí was third, his second third in this class, Torres was third also in the Medium Amateur.

© : Juan José Zendejas came back from Florida to the Championship at the Clásico.

Juan José Zendejas came back from Florida to the the Championship at the Clásico

Clásico, beginning at 1.40m and ending at 1.50m, saw a rider who spent six months competing in Florida getting the Championship: Juan José Zendejas who rode Tino la Capella.  Héctor Caro from Guadalajara was Reserve knocking down the very last fence in the fourth rounf, and Luzardo got another trophy for third.

Very competitive the Junior Classes.  Two categories: Junior A finishing at 1.45m and Junior B at 1.35m with more of 60 competitors in each.

© : Luciana González Champion in both Junior Classes

Luciana González Champion in both Junior Classes

In both classes Luciana González was the best getting both Championships.  In the Junior A she had such a big spread that even with an uncharacteristic stop at fence number one in the fifth round, the last one, and incurring two time faults, she still got the Championship for only 0.5 faults  Reserve was for Karime Pérez from Guadalajara and third Tanimara Macari from Cancun.  All female in the podium for this class.   At the B section Martina Franco was Reserve with So What, a horse that previously was ridden by Juan P. Gaspar, both from Guadalajara.  Daniel Rihan Jr. was third.

The rest of the categories were:

Mini Children: All happiness to the state of Yucatán, as  Héctor  and Jimena Arboleya were Champion and Reserve.

PRE Children Champion Rodolfo Gómez and Little Toy, Reserve Isabella García and Cascabel La Silla from Monterrey.  Federica Fernández, Federico daughter who lives in Guadalajara, was third.

© : Children Championship

Children Championship

© : Children Championship


Children: Section A at 1.20  Champion from Baja California José María Quintana and Scully, Reserve the son of trainers Alejandro and Puli Mills, Lorenzo from Mexico City.

Section B from Mexico City Champion Abigail Ortega and Nape Andaluza Reserve Andrea Souza and  Quick from Puebla.

Amateur Low from Mexico City Victor Herrera Prats Champion.  Reserve from Puebla Alejandra Posada.

Medium Amateur Champion from Mexico City Alejandra Susunaga, reserve  Hugo Yslas followed by Pablo Torres from San Luis Potosí.

Intermedia A from the City of Palaces (Mexico City) Champion Sofía Gomez and Quo Libri de Comene , Reserve Michel Arena and Dr. Blue from Puebla.

Intermedia B José Manuel Franco rode  Gurssus H VDL, was Champion from the house city of Querétaro, Reserve Nirvania Hank ridden by Eduardo Vega from Mexico City.

Preliminar A  From the State of Mexico Sinhue Reyes rode  Cleopotra for the Championship, Reserve Carolina Suárez from Querétaro.

Preliminar B Natalia Arrigunaga Champion riding Catty, Reserve from Querétaro Rosa María Vásquez.

Preliminar M Adriana de Cima and Ami van T Geyezeven from Mexico City was Champion while Reserve was for Salvador Olvera from Querétaro.

D Brenda Hernández and San Pablo Dox from State of Mexico Champion, Reserve José Luis Prieto.

Debutantes A The trophy for the Champion Alejandra Urrutia on Victoria Cuarto de Guerra went to Mexico City, Reserve stays in Querétaro for Camila Robles and Unno.

Debutantes B from Baja Victoria Roberts rode  Glenn Jaro to first place, Alexa Beteta and Pieska from Mexico City Reserve.


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