Samantha Kasowitz and Charlie Nab $25,000 NetJets® HBSJHF High Junior/Amateur-Owner 1.45m Classic Title

North Salem, N.Y. – Sept. 15, 2019 – The final day of the 2019 American Gold Cup, presented by CaptiveOne Advisors, LLC, offered one final shot at the prize money for junior and amateur exhibitors in the form of the $25,000 NetJets® Hollow Brook Wealth Management SJHF High Junior/Amateur-Owner 1.45m Classic on Sunday. Riding to the top of the leaderboard as the quickest of only three double-clear partnerships, Samantha Kasowitz and Charlie earned first prize by more than two full seconds as the clear winners.

Samantha Kasowitz and Charlie
Samantha Kasowitz and Charlie

Course designer Alan Wade (IRL) offered a sweeping track to competitors that featured 15 fences spaced thoughtfully around the grass Grand Prix Ring. Thirty horse-and-rider duos tackled the first round course, with only six pairs earning a spot in the jump-off following foot-perfect initial rides. Headed into the jump-off was Addison Gierkink, Anna Beth Athey, Coco Fath, Chloe Field, Serena Marron and Kasowitz. As Kasowitz entered the ring aboard Fair Play Farm’s Charlie, she was up against a leading time of 38.701 seconds put forth by Fath and Hillside Farm LLC’s Exotik Sitte. Efficiently navigating the course with ease, Kasowitz and Charlie easily bested their counterparts with a time of 36.202 seconds to claim the victory. Field and Hidden Brook Farm’s Tess De Jalesnes earned second position with a time of 38.254 seconds, followed by Fath and Exotik Sitte in third place.

Samantha Kasowitz and Charlie
Samantha Kasowitz and Charlie

Kasowitz and Charlie are no strangers to each other or the winner’s circle, having accrued top results during their tenure together. In 2018, the combination won the Modified Grand Prix event during the International Bromont, and added to their success in April 2019 with a third-place finish in the €93,500 1.50-meter class during the Longines Global Champions Tour of Miami Beach. Most recently, they rode to third place in the $30,000 Upperville National Grand Prix, presented by the Palm Beach Masters Series, in June of 2019.

Sunday’s show jumping competition concluded the 2019 American Gold Cup, presented by CaptiveOne Advisors, LLC, at Old Salem Farm.

Watch Samantha Kasowitz and Charlie’s winning round!


Samantha Kasowitz – $25,000 NetJets® HBSJHF High Junior/Amateur-Owner 1.45m Classic winner

On Charlie:
“He is a 16-year-old gelding and is a Cornet Obolensky baby. I have had him for five years now and he is the best teacher I have ever had. He came from Kathy Offel of Germany, she brought him up and had him for a long time. She competed in lots of 5* classes and gave him so much experience. It has been great to have a horse that can take care of me and no matter what I ask, whether it was kind of scary, make it work. He has taught me so much. Even from a year ago today we’ve even grown together so far. He is really my life partner at this point.”

On the jump-off:
“Originally we planned from [fence] two to three in the jump-off, the Hollowbrook to the NetJets, to do seven [strides]. But, I had three people go ahead of me and it seemed a little difficult to get done so my strategy was to plan on the eight. I knew if I could get that done I would be ahead of the pace because everyone else had done nine [strides], and to stay calm every where else and not rush him so we would get it done, because he is the best.”

On showing at the American Gold Cup:
“I am from Bedford, New York, which is 20 minutes from here, and I have been coming to this show for as long as I have been doing the jumpers. Every year it just gets better and better. It is really incredible that we didn’t get rained out this year because the last few years have been in the schooling area here so it has been nice to be on the grass field. It has been so incredible to be a part of this show, it’s long history and the prestige behind it. I am really lucky to be here and I am very happy to not be doing school right now. I have a lot of work due tomorrow but that is a problem for later!”


$25,000 NetJets® HBSJHF High Junior/Amateur-Owner 1.45m Classic
Place / Horse / Athlete / Owner / R1 Faults | Time / R2 Faults | Time
1. Charlie / Samantha Kasowitz / Fair Play Farm / 0 | 66.493 / 0 | 36.202
2. Tess De Jalesnes / Chloe Field / Hidden Brook Farm / 0 | 68.363 / 0 | 38.254
3. Exotik Sitte / Coco Fath / Hillside Farm LLC / 0 | 68.378 / 0 | 38.701
4. Erco Van T Roosakker / Addison Gierkink / Kadley Holdings LLC / 0 | 68.306 / 4 | 37.890
5. Nat King Cole / Anna Beth Athey / Anna Beth Athey / 0 | 68.895 / 4 | 40.055
6. Cacan / Serena Marron / Horse Orchard LLC / 0 | 70.072 / 4 | 43.622
7. Click For Quality / Tiffany Field / Hidden Brook Farm / 2 | 72.145
8. Catch A Star HSS / Kevin McCarthy / Kevin McCarthy / 4 | 63.634
9. Maestro Vica V/D Ark / Natalie Dean / Marigold Sporthorses LLC / 4 | 66.217
10. Z Acodate DDL / Hilary McNerney / Hilary McNerney / 4 | 67.781
11. Caribic / Anna Beth Athey / Anna Beth Athey / 4 | 68.459
12. Alex / Jennifer Gates / Evergate Stables LLC / 4 | 69.119

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