The 2021 and 2020 Overall Grand Pony Hunter Champions are Awarded at 2021 USEF Pony Finals, presented by Honor Hill Farm

Lexington, Ky – Aug. 14, 2021 – As the 2021 USEF Pony Finals, presented by Honor Hill Farm, nears its closing date, the 2021 and 2020 Overall Grand Pony Hunter Champions were crowned at the end of each division on Saturday during day five of competition. The highly accomplished junior rider, Maddie Tosh, was the first to emerge victorious as the Overall Grand Green Pony Hunter Champion aboard Betsee Parker’s, Brixton, after claiming the division champion title in the Large Green Pony Hunters. Lily Epstein and Pepsi were awarded the 2020 Grand Green Pony Hunter Champion title after dominating the competition during days one and two of the event earlier in the week. Emma Dyson and D’Artagnan took home the Grand Regular Pony Hunter Champion after earning champion in the Regular Large Pony Hunter division, while Elle Boyd and Baroness Of Locheil garnered the Regular Medium Pony Hunter division championship title.

Maddie Tosh and Brixton

The Large Green Hunters’ conclusion was first to kick off day five of the competition on Saturday in the Rolex Ring. Tosh and Brixton, an 11-year-old Deutches Reitpony gelding owned by Dr. Betsee Parker, were last to try their hand at the nine obstacle course set forth by Bobby Murphy. The show-stopping pair came into day two of competition on top of the class and had the pressure of beating out fellow competitors, Olivia Sweetnam and Goldmark after they produced an almost seamless round, moving them on top of the class to that point. Tosh is no stranger to the winners’ circle or the pressure of being on top and kept her cool to earn a combined over fences score of 267.720, helping them to secure the overall Grand Green Pony Hunter Champion title.

Hayley Hewitt and See More Blue

The next award presentation was focused around Hayley Hewitt and See More Blue, an 8-year-old Warmblood gelding owned by Basset Equine, LLC, who ultimately emerged victorious in the 2020 Large Green Hunters. The pair came into day two of competition Saturday with a third in the model with a score of 256.180 and placed second in the under saddle with a 258.260. After a solid start to the division, Hewitt and See More Blue had a strong lead ahead of their peers heading over the over-fences portion of the division. They continued to impress the judges with their consistency, form, and forward pace, helping them secure a 258.260, securing them into the top spot. Hewitt and See More Blue was also awarded the 2020 Grand Green Reserve Champion title after three high scores and a division champion title.

Lily Epstein and Pepsi

Earlier in the week, Lily Epstein and Pepsi, a 7-year-old Welsh Pony gelding owned by Epstein, claimed the division champion title in the 2020 Small Green Pony Hunter division. The two racked up a total of 1012.660 points after placing at the top of the model, under saddle and over fences class, helping them secure the overall 2020 Grand Green Pony Hunter Champion title after a week of tough competition. Epstein spoke highly of the newly acquainted pair and looks forward to finishing out the year in the Small Green Pony Hunter division aboard Pepsi in hopes of adding a few more accolades to their name.

Elle Boyd and Baroness of Lonchiel

Elle Boyd followed in her mom’s steps as she was crowned Medium Pony Hunter Champion aboard the famous Baroness Of Locheil, an 8-year-old Welsh Pony Cross owned by Dr. Betsee Parker. The pair came into day two of competition ranked in the top thirty amongst a competitive group of 132 pony and rider combinations. The pair immediately caught the attention of the judge’s eye as they marched into the ring, showcasing a presence that left an undeniable mark on the judges. They were awarded a score of 271 after completing their over-fences course. As a first-time Pony Finals goer, Boyd wanted to have a consistent and smooth round in hopes of placing towards the top of the class.

Emma Dyson and D’Artagnan

Emma Dyson and D’Artagnan, an 11-year-old German Riding Pony gelding owned by Simply Ponies, LLC, once again took their rightful spot in the winner’s circle, as they were awarded the Overall Grand Regular Pony Hunter Champion title. After claiming the division champion title earlier in the Large Pony Hunter division, the strong pair kept their lead throughout the remainder of the week after garnering a top score of 1055.420.

The 2021 USEF Pony Finals, presented by Honor Hill Farm, will conclude Sunday at 7 am in the Rolex Ring with the highly anticipated USEF Pony Medal Final.


Maddie Tosh – Large Green Hunter Grand Champion and 2021 Grand Champion Overall

On Brixton
“He was so good today! Scott Stewart and Ken Berkley imported him and then Dr. Betsee Parker purchased him for me to compete. It has been really fun watching him grow up. He has come a long way in the past year.”

On her plan for the over fences
“I was thinking that since he was so green, I wanted to give him a nice, confident ride. I did not know how he was going to act in the ring, because it was his first time seeing the fences in the ring. Obviously, it worked out because he was great.”

On being trained by her father
“It is a lot of fun although we do fight on occasion. Honestly, I would not want it any other way. I know that no one is going to try harder for me than he is and it is great to work with him.”

On coming to Pony Finals
“It is still a lot of fun to be here. This year has been different, being in a different ring, it has a different vibe but it is always great to come here. This competition teaches you to deal with a lot of pressure. I have come back on top before and it is hard to not freak out when you are walking down the ramp for the last time but this has helped me learn to deal with the pressure and grow.”

Hunt Tosh – Trainer / Father

On Brixton:
“He is a great pony, Scott and Ken started him and sent him to us so he was halfway made when we got him and he has been a great pony to develop since we have had him. He is perfect in the ring. You know that walking into an environment like this that he is going to behave.”

On training her daughter:
“Maddie is so great under pressure. It is a little bit nerve-wracking for me as a Dad but she is unbelievable under pressure. We had a little setback 5-weeks ago because she broke her collarbone and needed to have surgery and she just started back riding a week and a half ago and it is like nothing ever changed. People say congratulations on being the trainer, but I am just a Dad and she is incredible so I am just lucky to be able to be here with her.”

On having Dr. Betsee Parker as an owner
“It is a fairy tale to have an owner like Betsee and give Maddie opportunities like she has. Unfortunately, she is sick right now and could not make it to the event this year. The team that is behind this kid is incredible. Not only do we have Betsee, but we have an entire team that makes this possible: Faith, our barn manager, farrier Lyle Jenkins, Kate Stephenson is our vet, all work together for the two minutes in the happen and we are really lucky.”

Lily Epstein – 2020 Grand Green Pony Hunter Champion

On riding Pepsi this week at 2021 Poy Finals
“The week was super fun and went amazing! Our partnership has definitely grown since i have gotten him. I got him at the beginning of January and we did WEF together and a few other shows before coming here.”

On winning the 2020 Grand Green Pony Hunter Champion
“It means a lot to be Grand Overall Champion here. It is really special and I am super happy. I want to thank my parents, trainers, and grooms for making this possible. This is my last year in the small division and I am considering doing indoors too so this has been a great summer.”

Hayley Hewitt – 2020 Large Green Pony Hunter Champion

On See More Blue
“He loves his job and loves treats. He is a joy to have in the barn. I just love him. He is so much fun to ride and he is very comfortable. He is pretty lazy but you can tell that he loves his job, which makes showing even better.”

On being able to compete in a 2020 class at the 2021 event
“We were trying to come last year, but because of everything that was happening with COVID, we scratched right before the event was canceled. So when they said that there was going to be a 2020 division this year, we were super excited that we were not going to waste his green year.”

On riding at Pony Finals:
“I have been to Pony Finals before, in 2019 with a small pony and a medium green. I really love it here because there is so much to do. I really like seeing all of my friends and I don’t get a chance to see them outside of a horse show and I like being able to walk him out in the grass on the cross country course.”

On winning a championship at Pony Finals:
“Winning this is going to be the most exciting thing that happens to me for quite a while.”

Chance Arkelien – Trainer for 2020 Large Green Pony Hunter Champion

On training Hayley:
“Haley is amazing to work with. We had a real plan for this course as far as what leads we wanted to land on and how we were going to do the lines and it needed to be a real execution with the timing and Haley just absolutely nailed it. She is unbelievable to work with and is naturally focused and tries really hard.”

On preparing Haley for Pony Finals:
“We actually didn’t show him a lot up until this class and the first time I saw him jump was only a month ago so I have been getting a feel for what he needs to work on and it was a little bit of a last-minute ‘pull it together’ situation, rather than being able to work on this for a year and have this be just another show. We were making changes all the way up to walking into the ring.”

Elle Boyd – Medium Pony Hunter Champion

On Baroness Of Locheil:
“I want to thank Betsee Parker for letting me ride her, she is just so perfect. She is just so smooth, gentle, and kind. She is slow but perfect.”

On training:
“My mom trains me and my grandpa [Jack Towell] helps as well. They tell me to practice being nice, slow, smooth, and gentle.”

On plan going in:
“When I went in I wanted to get a good and solid round. Just stay nice and consistent. I was trying to be extra careful in the last line, not to get too fast or too slow. Maddie Tosh gave me a lot of advice before I went in since she rode the pony before me and helped me a lot.”

On winning champion at Pony Finals:
“It is the best feeling.”

Liza Boyd – Trainer/Mom of Medium Pony Hunter Champion

On Pony Finals:
“We didn’t come with Elle for a few years. We were waiting till we felt like we had a real shot and this was a good year to come. We also really appreciate the Tosh family and Betsee Parker for allowing us to have this very special pony.”

On dynamic of training together as a family:
“It is great. My husband Blake is here and he is just so supportive. My dad [Jack Towell] drove in last night just to be here for the jumping, which was great because I was a little nervous. It was nice to have my dad and Blake here to help me take a moment of relief. It is great to be with your family and to have those dynamics. It has its great days and some days are harder than others. We feel very fortunate to be able to do this as a family business. And now that Elle is coming along, we just feel very lucky.”


Large Green Pony Overall
1. Brixton / Maddie Tosh / Betsee Parker / 1056.310
2. Goldmark / Olivia Sweetnam / Take 3 LLC / 1048.820
3. Tresoro / Erin Morera / Erin Morera / 1017.260
4. Prince Charming / Hailey Guidry / Honor Hill Farm LLC / 1003.080
5. Mr. Right / Sarah Rabb / Ellie Aronson / 985.070
6. Somermist Storm Warning / Amy Krebs / Amy Krebs / 984.550
7. Chianti De Luxe / Laurel Piombo / Nicasio Valley Barn, LLC / 976.670
8. Crown Ridge Royal Jovilee / Mia Sessums / Mia Sessums / 951.070
9. Magic Rain / Kaylee Garrido / Kaylee Garrido / 950.460
11. Whootenanny / Anabelle Waldron / Robin Tinney / 942. 570

2020 Large Green Pony Overall
1. See More Blue / Hayley Hewitt / Basset Equine, LLC / 1007.680
2. Duncans Mill Mac Dougal / Vivian Golden / GC Ponies, LLC / 1003.060
3. Olof / Rylie True / Rylie True / 983.630
4. Highlands Lyric / Kaylin Sculthorpe / Kaylin Sculthorpe / 934.140
5. Prince Poppings / RileyGrace McKinnon / RileyGrace McKinnon / 898.050
6. DRF Simply Elegant / Alexa Bosch / Alexa Bosch / 874.260
7. Daddy Did The Laundry / Victoria Perry / Victoria Perry / 862.370
8. Ever So Fancee / Ellie Clarke / Ellie Clarke / 838.400
9. Amulet / Ellie Blair / Ellie Blair / 834.390
10. Son Of A Blue / Addison Lograsso / Patricia Lafoe / 823.170
11. FHF Surprise Me / Isabella Pan / Isabella Pan / 809.390

Medium Pony Overall
1. Baroness Of Locheil / Elle Boyd / Betsee Parker / 1034.790
2. On Your Mark / Olivia Sweetnam / Sweet Oak Farm / 1014.560
3. Foxmor Secret Powers / Marielle Walrath / Rendezvous Farm / 1007.630
4. Falling Moon Front Page / Alina McLean / Alina McLean / 1003.810
5. Ophelia / McKayla Brombach / Marci Mosconi / 997.260
6. Cleverist / Ava Barnes / Ellie Sadrian / 993.240
7. Anisette / Eva Mackenzie / Eva Mackenzie / 988.980
8. Rosewood / Elizabeth Rinehart / Luke Rinehart / 983.000
9. Sugarbrook Game Plan / Michelle Berry / Monarch Farms, LLC / 975.810
10. Orchard Hills Firefly / Taylor Silvius / Taylor Silvius / 975.130
11. Beach Boy / Eloise Eisner / Enchantment Farms, LLC / 973.150

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