Tracy Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos Victorious in $50,000 Buck Brothers John Deere Grand Prix at Equifest II

Wayne, Ill. – Aug. 4, 2018 – An excited audience gathered around the Grand Prix Arena at the Lamplight Equestrian Center on Saturday to witness some of the nation’s top show jumping athletes compete for the ultimate prize in the $50,000 Buck Brothers John Deere Grand Prix. Following the $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix that took place on Thursday evening, anticipation for the highlight event of Equifest II continued to rise into the weekend.

Tracey Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos
Tracey Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos

Spectators were not disappointed with the turnout for the class, seeing Olympians, national champions and many international competitors enter the arena. Ultimately, Tracey Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos, owned by MTM Farm, came out on top.

The grand prix course, designed by Leopoldo Palacias, proved challenging for the horse-and-rider combinations. Featuring several rollbacks and large combinations, only three of the original twenty pairs made it through to the jump-off with no faults. Liz Atkins and Rodeo VDL, owned by Benchmark Stables LLC, were the first of the three to go clear, crossing the finish line in 80.613 seconds.

Tracey Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos
Tracey Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos

Determined to make it to the jump-off and ride a smooth course, Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos carefully completed their first round fault-free in 82.206 seconds. Douglas Boyd and the Sapphire Riding Academy’s Berkley III were the final combination to navigate the course without any faults, finishing in 82.995 seconds.

Going into the jump-off, Fenney knew that she would need to be both careful and quick to come out on top in the class. She watched as Atkins and Rodeo VDL sped around the arena, finishing in 41.631 seconds but unfortunately knocking several rails. After Boyd and Berkley III were disqualified for going off course, Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos took to the ring as the final combination, claiming the only double-clear round in a time of 47.696 seconds.

Liz Atkins and Rodeo VDL
Liz Atkins and Rodeo VDL

Fenney began her partnership with the 10-year-old stallion in 2017, and has spent a great deal of the time since getting to know him in and out of the ring. Fenney says that Igor Van De Heibos possesses so much power and scope that her strategy in the ring is mainly to stay in the saddle and direct his energy into producing clear rounds. She has been continuously impressed with his work ethic and overall gentle, kind nature.

Atkins and Rodeo VDL took home second place in the large class, while Boyd and Berkley III were awarded third place for their clear first round.

Douglas Boyd and Berkley III
Douglas Boyd and Berkley III

Competition will resume at the Lamplight Equestrian Center on Sunday, Aug. 5, with the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby and the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, both sponsored by Bull Run Equestrian Center. The $20,000 1.30m/1.35m Speed Derby will follow the hunter derbies in the Grand Prix Arena.


Tracy Fenney – $50,000 Buck Brothers John Deere Grand Prix winner

On Igor Van De Heibos:
“We got him at the beginning of last year while we were in Florida. We just kind of slowly started him and he’s 10 years old this year. A friend of ours in Germany that we do a lot of business with, and we are partners with, owns him with us and he sent him to us. He’s a fantastic horse, I’m so lucky to have him.”

On her strategy in Saturday’s grand prix:
“He’s super scopey and he really wants to be very careful. He’s really hard for me to stay on so my biggest strategy is always thinking about hanging on and not getting jumped loose. He’s so powerful and is such a strong and careful horse. For being a stallion, he’s amazing. There’s not one ounce of stallion in him. He’s just like a puppy dog around the barn, he loves everybody. He’s great to be around and lovely to work around. Everything he does is super nice.”

On Lamplight:
“I love it here! They do such a nice job and Nina [Moore’s] place is amazing — it’s like riding in your backyard. A couple of times when I’m out riding, I look around and it’s just beautiful. All of our farms are very nice and you feel like you’re at your own farm here. It’s so well-landscaped and decorated. She does a great job. It’s exhibitor friendly and very homey — they think of everything. A lot of horse shows just aren’t like that anymore.”

On her future plans:
“We were going to send a few horses home, but we’re just going to take them all to Lexington, Kentucky, and re-group. Our big thing is that following week, the [Platinum Performance/USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championship] and the [Platinum Performance/USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship]. So the jumpers will have a couple of weeks off. They’ve been going at it pretty hard and heavy so they get well-deserved paddock time. They all ended great today so I’m really happy with them!”


$50,000 Buck Brothers John Deere Grand Prix
Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Faults | Time / R2 Faults / Time
1. Tracy Fenney / Igor Van De Heibos / 0 / 82.206 / 0 / 47.696
2. Liz Atkins / Rodeo VDL / 0 / 80.613 / 16 / 41.631
3. Douglas Boyd / Berkley III / 0 / 82.995 / EL
4. Tracy Fenney / MTM Reve Du Para / 1 / 83.501
5. Wilhelm Genn / Van Gogh / 1 / 83.864
6. Dorothy Douglas / S & L Elite / 4 / 77.504
7. Nicole Bellissimo / Jersey V.D. Hunters / 4 / 78.638
8. Brian Moggre / MTM Vivre Le Reve / 4 / 78.662
9. Tracy Fenney / MTM Apple / 4 / 79.889
10. Tracy Fenney / MTM Como No / 4 / 81.802


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