Tryon Fall IV Concludes With Top Honors Presented to Lauren Tisbo and Mr. Visto in $25,000 1.45m Sunday Classic

Lauren Tisbo and Mr. Visto
Lauren Tisbo and Mr. Visto

Mill Spring, NC – Oct. 15, 2017 – Competition concluded for Tryon Fall IV on Sunday, October 15, at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) featuring classes on the Grass Complex at the venue. The day featured a victory for Lauren Tisbo (USA) and Mr. Visto in the $25,000 1.45m Sunday Classic, the highlight class of the crowd-favorite Derby Days at TIEC, which offers hospitality and entertainment overlooking the competition from the grandstand.

The course, designed by Andy Christiansen of Wellington, FL, drew 41 riders to the Grass Complex, and welcomed eight riders back for the jump-off round, which was ultimately won by Tisbo and the 2005 Holsteiner stallion (Levisto x Odessa III), owned by Tequestrian Farms, LLC, after completing the short track course in 36.864 seconds. Brianne Goutal (USA) and Wirma, a 2003 Dutch Warmblood mare (Hors La Loi II x Sarnike) owned by Remarkable Farms, LLC, stopped timers in 38.197 seconds. Jessica Springsteen (USA) and RMF Swinny Du Parc, a 2006 Selle Francais mare, owned by Rushy Marsh Farm, LLC, rounded out third place in 38.489 seconds.

Lauren Tisbo and Mr. Visto in their presentation ceremony.
Lauren Tisbo and Mr. Visto in their presentation ceremony.

Tisbo, who took her first win at TIEC this season, stated, “I thought this was a very nice course today. The grass rode great. The horses jumped beautifully off of it and it was a really nice change of scenery.”

Of the stallion with, whom she has a flourishing relationship with, Tisbo continued, “I’ve had him for almost two years. Many people may have heard of me as the girl who rides in the ‘war horse bridle,’ and that is with this horse. When I first got him, he was a little unrideable and needed a better education. It took some unique routes to get there, but I’m really proud of the horse and what he has become. He’s thirteen, but he’s still learning and jumping better with time. He’s a great horse. He did jump a lot in Europe before I bought him, so the grass really is his favorite.”

Tisbo is hopeful to compete the stallion in the CSI 5* next week during Tryon Fall V. She commented, “This is the only class he has jumped here so far, but I think next week he will hopefully be one of the horses I show in the CSI 5*. If we don’t do that, then I will definitely take advantage of whatever national classes I can with him on the grass here.”

Lauren Tisbo and Mr. Visto in their presentation ceremony.
Lauren Tisbo and Mr. Visto in their presentation ceremony.

Earlier in the day, the $2,000 Southern Arches Grooms’ Class awarded top prizes to Sintija Dusele, groom for Stellar Equestrian and the Haefner Family.

“He [Jeneret] is a challenge for a groom,” commented Dusele. “As a grey horse, he usually comes out of his stall yellow. That takes extra time, but makes up for it because he’s so easy to braid. He is just a naturally beautiful horse, but I think that everyone with a grey horse knows the struggle!”

Participating grooms were expected to bring a “show-ring ready” fully tacked and booted horse (braids optional) to the ring during the Grooms’ Class. Grooms and their horses were judged by a panel of licensed judges on overall cleanliness, appropriate use and fit of tack, tack cleanliness, application of boots/wraps, neatness of clipping, overall presentation, and organization of grooming box.

“I have been working for Stellar Equestrian for a year. I’m from Europe originally, so this was a bit of a culture shock at first. We don’t do shows this extravagantly over there. I have to say a very big ‘thank you’ to the owners and barn family who always make sure that we have all of the tools we need to succeed,” Dusele concluded.


$25,000 1.45m Sunday Classic
Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Faults | Time / R2 Faults | Time
1. Mr. Visto / Lauren Tisbo / 0 | 79.449 / 0 | 36.864
2. Wirma / Brianne Goutal / 0 | 79.458 / 0 | 38.197
3. RMF Swinny Du Parc / Jessica Springsteen / 0 | 80.505 / 0 | 38.498
4. Volage Du Val Henry / Jessica Springsteen / 0 | 82.847 / 0 | 40.244
5. Corona 93 / Marilyn Little / 0 | 81.285 / 4 | 37.969
6. Tosca Du Feugre / Lauren Fischer / 0 | 82.738 / 4 | 39.988
7. Carlo / Todd Minikus / 0 | 79.363 / 4 | 40.128
8. Hilgarie / Brianne Goutal / 0 | 82.455 / 11 | 50.538
9. S & L Elite / Dorothy Douglas / 7 | 86.474
10. Auckland De L’enclos / Ashley Fleishhacker / 3 | 87.611
11. Zephyr / Shawn Casady / 4 | 76.868
12. Collin / Luiz Francisco De Azevedo / 4 | 77.266

Click here for full results.

$2,000 Southern Arches Groom’s Class
Groom / Farm
1. Sintija Dusele / Stellar Equestrian
2. Gabriel Lopez- Meza / Green River Farm
3. Lorenzo Dominguez / Aidan Killeen
4. Arturo Gaytan / Raylyn Farms
5. Jorge Jiminez / Brianne Goutal LLC
6. Lauzis Vilde / Stellar Equestrian

Holly Shepherd and Kodachrome Shine in the $20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby

Holly Shepherd and Kodachrome
Holly Shepherd and Kodachrome

The $20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby saw thirty entries test the Gerald Briggs-designed course. Holly Shepherd of Grand Bay, AL, and Nina Moore’s Kodachrome were awarded top honors after twelve pairs returned for their handy rounds, scoring a 185 across two rounds. Daniel Geitner of Aiken, SC, and Fergus, owned by West Meadow Farm, LLC, took second place with their two-round score of 179, while Annie Walters of Isle of Palms, SC, guided her own Vicomte, to third place, scoring 173.

Holly Shepherd and Kodachrome in their presentation ceremony.
Holly Shepherd and Kodachrome in their presentation ceremony.

Shepherd and Kodachrome were on the top of the leaderboard from the first round and maintained their spot, posting a 91 as their first-round score and a 94-point handy round. Speaking of her rides aboard Kodachrome, Shepherd commented, “It was awesome. There’s nothing more fun than this horse in the Derby.”

Her plan was to ride the course smoothly and ride what she saw, Shepherd explained. “I just wanted to keep it really smooth. The course designer let you do as many strides as you wanted-there were no set numbers-and it was nice to ride off your eye. It’s always nice to ride on grass and canter along a little bit more.”

Though a newer ride for Shepherd, the pair has already found great success together. She commented, “[Kodachrome] has won something like a million derbies, and I’ve only competed with him a few times. I hope I get to keep riding him!” Shepherd elaborated. “I love it here. The people are so nice, the rings are beautiful and there’s lots of places to ride, plus the kids have a lot of fun down at the creek and so do the dogs!”


$20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby
Place / Horse / Rider / Score 1 / Score 2 / Total
1. Kodachrome / Holly Shepherd / 91 / 94 / 185
2. Fergus / Daniel Geitner / 90 / 89 / 179
3. Vicomte / Annie Walters / 85.5 / 87.5 / 173
4. Flamboyant / Holly Shepherd / 86 / 85 / 171
5. Style / Amber Harte / 80 / 90.5 / 170.5
6. Ruby Tuesday / Hunter Holloway / 87 / 83.25 / 170.25
7. Longstreet / Holly Shepherd / 83 / 87 / 170
8. Cassico / Julie Curtin / 87 / 82.5 / 169.5
9. Cleopatra’s Smile / Schuyler Riley / 81 / 88 / 169
10. In Time / Caroline Weeden / 88 / 78 / 166
11. Marneux / Jen Hauser / 79 / 80 / 159
12. Uniek / Samantha Rice / 77 / 69 / 146

Click here for full results.

Tryon Fall V begins on Wednesday, October 18, and will feature the $380,000 Rolex Grand Prix CSI 5* on Saturday, October 21, at 7:00 p.m.

Press release: Kim Beaudoin and Sarah Madden for TIEC
Photos: ©Sportfot

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