Winning Wylde Tops 1.40m Open Jumpers with Eltham at Upperville Colt & Horse Show

Peter Wylde and Eltham
Peter Wylde and Eltham

Upperville, Va. – June 5, 2018 – Olympian Peter Wylde showcased Eltham’s power and speed during the 1.40m Open Jumpers on Tuesday at the historic Upperville Colt & Horse Show (UCHS), presented by St. Bride’s Farm, setting the pace to beat as the second to compete during the main event in Jumper Ring I. With a clear effort over the first eight fences, Wylde advanced to the second half of the power and speed course with Eltham and laid on the gas, breaking the beam in 29.322 seconds and leaving the rest of the field to chase his time.

Kama Godek and Willink
Kama Godek and Willink

During the second half of the order, Virginia’s own Kama Godek came within 2/10ths of a second aboard Willink, stopping the clock in 29.573 seconds and leaving all of the fences intact for the second place award. Ramiro Quintana rounded out the top three as the only other athlete to finish with a clear effort in less than 30 seconds, riding Corento VH Dingenshof for Smith Hogan LLC.

Ramiro Quintana and Corento VH Dingenshof
Ramiro Quintana and Corento VH Dingenshof

Wylde began riding the 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood owned by Kathleen Kamine four years ago and has slowly been developing him in the 6 and 7-year-old jumpers. He believes Eltham is a talented horse for the future and has chosen Thursday’s $30,000 Upperville National Grand Prix, presented by Palm Beach Masters, for their first major event.

The 1.40m Open Jumpers will highlight the Upperville Colt & Horse Show once again on Wednesday before the FEI CSI4* show jumping action begins on Thursday with the $35,000 Upperville Speed Stakes CSI4*, presented by Valley Proteins, Inc. The Grand Hunter Championship will also be presented on Wednesday, while the week’s highlight hunter event will be Saturday’s $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, sponsored by Salamander Resort & Spa.


Peter Wylde – 1.40m Jumper winner

On his plan for the class with Eltham:
“The horse is an amazing horse. He’s really careful; he’s really growing up. He’s going do his first grand prix on Thursday, the [$30,000 Upperville] National Grand Prix. He’s just the kind of horse that can win a class like that nicely without it being a big deal. I wanted to practice turning and going a little bit with him. He’s so fun to ride. He’s one of my favorite horses and it’s just easy for him. He’s a special horse and a horse for the future.”

On his partnership with Eltham:
“I’ve had him since he was 5 years old. I’ve been bringing him along and doing the 6 and 7-year-olds. He’s just been developing. We’ve been very patient, letting him grow up. I’ve always had high hopes for him and it’s all falling into place just the way I hoped it would.”

On showing at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show:
“I love it here. I love the area. The horse show is fantastic. We came two years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to come last year, but we are super happy to be back here again. We brought 25 horses here, so we’re quite busy. I have all of my students here as well as six horses to ride for myself. It’s exciting. We’re going to stay for two weeks because we like it so much and do the Loudoun Benefit Show as well.”


1.40m Jumpers
Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Faults | Time / R2 Faults | Time
1. Eltham / Peter Wylde / 0 | 43.234 / 0 | 29.322
2. Willink / Kama Godek / 0 | 42.510 / 0 | 29.573
3. Corento VH Dingenshof / Ramiro Quintana / 0 | 42.995 / 0 | 29.763
4. Selecto VH Kapelhoff / Roberto Teran / 0 | 44.290 / 0 | 30.774
5. Quitana II / Savannah Jenkins / 0 | 42.936 / 0 | 31.270
6. Aletta / Maria Brugal Gasso / 0 | 43.058 / 0 | 31.810
7. RF Kalahari / Marilyn Little / 0 | 44.184 / 0 | 31.927
8. Van De Emma / Annie Phillips / 0 | 43.557 0 / 0 | 32.014
9. Clint Eastwood 10 / Anna Ishiyama / 0 | 41.532 / 0 | 32.285
10. Cedane D / Alison Robitaille / 0 | 44.848 / 0 | 32.484
11. Ceitasi / Cody Quintana / 0 | 41.050 / 0 | 32.883
12. Havana De La Lande / Elisa Uribe Gutierrez / 0 | 42.822 / 0 | 32.964

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